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Hire Us For Upholstery Cleaning At Discounted Rates

On the verge of giving up on your sofa and couch? Looking for a new and expensive one to invest in? How about if we tell you that you can get a new couch and sofa without replacing the old one? Moreover, it will not cost you a ton of money. At Carpet Cleaning Templestowe, magic happens. We are an upholstery cleaning company with abundant experience in field cleaning. 

Apart from that, our top-rated upholstery cleaning services are available to the people of Templestowe at discounted prices. If you want good-looking furniture without any replacement responsibilities. You can reach out to us. Referring to our customer feedback will assure you that we are the best upholstery cleaners in the city. So, contact our upholstery cleaning Templestowe team today. 

Our 12 Step Upholstery Cleaning Process

  • Pre-Examination: Our cleaning experts perform multiple tests to figure out the type of fabric of your couches. By testing your fabric’s quality, we will be able to choose the best cleaning method. Moreover, we also provide our clients with an evaluation of the results that can be expected. 
  • Preparations: To make sure that your furniture is not getting affected because of the cleaning. We prepare and clear the space for cleaning. 
  • Pre-Dusting: Before beginning the cleaning procedure, we vacuum your couch thoroughly. Even the cushions are vacuumed in this step. This step completely removes any dry dust or soil from all the crevices and cracks. 
  • Pre-Treatment: We will design a particularly special cleaning agent for your couch. Then we will apply the solution to emulsify the dust, soil, debris on your couch. 
  • Pre-Spot: To assure complete removal of the stains. We pre-treat some stubborn spots. 
  • Pre-Groom: After that, we will groom the fabric. We will make sure to use soft brushes to ensure gentle grooming. This will further loosen the deeply penetrated soil. 
  • Extraction And Rinsing: Now we begin the rinsing process. We make sure to perform the entire step gently so that sensitive fabric is safe throughout the process. 
  • Neutralize: To maintain a fresh and soft feel. We balance the pH of the fabric. 
  • Post-Stain Elimination: We leave no stain on your couch. Even after the rinsing process, if a stubborn stain does not remove. We again treat those stains individually. 
  • Post-Grooming: In this step, we prepare your fabric for the drying process by gently combing it. 
  • Drying: We use high-velocity dryers to fast-forward the drying process. 
  • Post-Examination: We will examine your upholstery again. Moreover, we will take your reviews. Also, we will ask If there will be anything else you want us to do. 

Different Kinds Of Upholstery Cleaning Services You Can Book Us For

  • Sofa/Couch steam cleaning treatments
  • Couch cleaning services for leather couches.
  • Dry cleaning services for your sofa/couch
  • Lounge cleaning 
  • Couch/Sofa Stain elimination services
  • Couch/Sofa stain protection treatments
  • Sofa cleaning treatments for Suede sofas
  • Fabric couch cleaning treatment
  • Ottoman couch cleaning services
  • Sofa/Couch sanitization treatments
  • Microsuede sofa/couch cleaning services
  • Sofa/Couch odour removal treatment
  • Armchair cleaning services
  • Couch and sofa mould elimination services
  • Upholstery deodorization services
  • Pet urine, stain, and odour elimination services

How Will Our Cleaning Services Benefit You And Your Upholstery Furniture?

  • Our experts vacuum your furniture deeply. This eliminates pollens, allergens, dirt, etc. All these particles can do harm to your well-being. Therefore, the removal of these nasty particles is highly essential to keep you healthy. 
  • Also, deep cleaning removes all the dry soil, dust, debris from your couches and sofas. This makes its fabric feel soft, comfortable, and fresh. 
  • Moreover, deep cleaning treatment with sanitization and deodorization maintains the original shine of your sofa. Apart from that, the steam cleaning process adds years to the life of your sofa. 
  • Furthermore, our deep cleaning will keep your sofas looking and feeling fresh for a long period of time. 
  • Moreover, you will be able to enjoy a stain-free couch. Moreover, because of allergen elimination, there will be no chance of any allergy triggering. 

The Benefits Of Hiring Our Upholstery Cleaning Templestowe Team

  • Experienced Team: If you want quality assurance. Then you need to hire cleaners with years of experience. We can provide you with that. Because all our cleaning specialists are very well-qualified. 
  • Modern Equipment: The equipment we use to do the job is of the latest technology. Also, we always make sure to provide our customers with the quick and best experience. Therefore, we use the best equipment to make it happen. 
  • Flexible Bookings: You can book us according to your flexibility. We are here to clean your couches 24*7. So, there is no need to cancel that meeting or postpone that visit and disrupt your schedule for us. We can work according to your schedule. 
  • Cost-Effective Costs: Our prices are cost-effective. In addition to that, we offer plenty of discounts throughout the year. If you want to enjoy superior quality services at the lowest prices. Then we are the ones for you. 
  • No Additional Costs: There are no additional costs to book us on the weekends or public holidays. Moreover, we will not charge you by any unreasonable add-on charge last minute after the service. We will always be upfront with you with all the prices. 

Feel Free To Contact Us For Free Quotation

You can reach out to us if you need a quotation. Also, no need to worry, we will not charge you for a quotation. Also, no, there will be no obligations attached to it. To get a free quote, all you will need to do is tell us all the details about your upholstery. And we will give you an estimation according to the details. 

Need Toxin-Free Cleaning? Contact Us!

There are no toxins in the cleaning agents we use. Also, our company takes the health of their clients very important. Therefore, we only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our cleaning practices will not be harmful to your family in any way. Moreover, even your kids and pets will be safe from all the harsh chemicals.